Newspapers in Riverview
by Jo-Anne (Murphy) McLean, Liz Malone and Helen Renouf

The citizens of Riverview owe much to Mr. Robert (Bob) W. Murphy, who established the RIVERVIEW RECORDER in October 1953 and made it into an excellent publication long before his untimely death in 1976. His experience as a discerning journalist coupled with an abiding interest
in this growing community made him an ideal editor and publisher.

Miss Ellie Gallant took over the RIVERVIEW RECORDER after the tragic death of Mr. Murphy, and continued its operation for approximately two years. Then a publisher from Kentville, Nova Scotia, took over from Miss Gallant, but its distnce from Riverview made a difference and publication ceased within a year.

The Town of Riverview was without its own newspaper until March 1983 when the RIVERVIEW GAZETTE made its appearance. Sadly enough, it never really got off the ground, as by August of that year, publication ceased.

Two months later on October 25th, RIVERVIEW - THIS WEEK published its first edition. Since that date Bob and Liz Malone have, by hard work and a good staff, made this newspaper a suitable success to the RIVERVIEW RECORDER. RIVERVIEW - THIS WEEK is a credit to the Town.

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Within the Riverview Historical Association 'Newspaper Folder' there are copies of 5 newspapers:
[Please visit if you wish to view or contact for further information - Due to size/format it is not possible to scan and upload]

Riverview Recorder
1958, July 26
1965, March 12
1977, Dec. 14 - article - Anniversary of Recorder under the Management
1978, April 12
1978, July 12
1978, July 26
1978, Aug. 2
1978, Aug. 9
1979, Oct. 3

Riverview Gazette
1983, Feb. 1
1983, Apr. 21


Riverview This Week
1986, Apr. 9

This Week in Riverview
1988, Feb. 10


This Week's Recorder
1989, May 10