DobsonTrail map


By Dr. J. Arthur Dobson

Having read an article on the Appalachian Trail in the National Geographic, I wished that we had something of that nature in our area. The more I thought the more I liked the idea and decided to do something about it.  I had hunted many areas in Albert County and decided that a trail from Moncton to Fundy National Park should prove interesting.

In the fall of 1949 most of my hunting outings turned into trips to areas that a map survey suggested that a trail should go. There was a hunting trip with my father, Dr. J.W. Dobson, in the Flint Hill area during which I explored the Hayward Pinnacle area. Later that fall I made trips to the lookouts on Prosser Brook and a very encouraging trip up the Mill Creek. Later that fall actual work was started with the clearing from the Pine Glen Road along the south bank of the creek, which saw about four miles of clearing before snow in late January finished work of the winter.


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