In many provinces and states school fairs have proved of valuable assistance in promoting in the schools attention to local development, to the study of resources and to giving purposes and direction to general school work.  They have the effect of centering the thought of the people upon the school in its effort to use educatively the things that lie about and affect the life of the community.

In some places children in their home and school garden plots, both in quantity and quality, have obtained better yields than their parents on their farms or in their gardens.  ... Last year one district, No. 21, Moncton, held an afternoon exhibition on the school grounds. This year the same district carried out a similar programme on a somewhat extended scale.  ... The teacher of this school, Mrs. S.I. Renton, may fairly be called the pioneer of this line fo work in the province.

... On September 11, in District No 4., Coverdale, Albert County, the first real school fair in the Province was held. Home and school gardens plots tentered into competition...The exercises were of a real community character.  ... A programme dealing with almost every side of school graden and community improvement work was well carried out, the pupils of the school taking a leading part.... The teacher, Miss Emma A. Smith, deserves much credit for her successful managment of the day's exercises."


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